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The Brotherhood of Police (FOP), in collaboration with the City of Margate and the City Chamber of Commerce, is hosting the 1st Annual Margates City Fair on the corner of 441 Margate Blvd on Saturday, June 3, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The 1st annual City Fair in Margate is held on the first Saturday of the month from 12 noon to 4 pm and from 1 to 4.30pm on 4th and Main Streets.

The event will feature a variety of food, entertainment, crafts, games, food trucks, vendors and more. The event features food and entertainment from local vendors and vendors from the Margate Chamber of Commerce and the City of Margate.

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The 1.5 km long Prairie Overlook Trail leads you through a forest of pine, oak and palm trees into an open prairie. Cypress Creek Trail takes you on a scenic walk through the prairie of Pine Ridge National Wildlife Refuge in Palm Beach County.

The first butterfly aviary in Florida is located on the southern edge of Tradewinds Park and one of the few in the country. Over 150 species of butterflies can be seen in this aviary throughout the year. The aviaries are open daily from 10 am to 5 pm, can be purchased and viewed.

Sports equipment is not required, but who can forget to start the event tent with a pair of shoes, a cap, gloves, sunscreen, water bottle, hatchet and other necessary utensils.

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Margate communications co-ordinator Alison Saffold told the Press Association: "This will show the senior citizens how proud they are of themselves.

Arlene Schwartzain, along with her colleagues, was instrumental in ensuring that Broward County Schools could offer a food and nutrition distribution in Margate starting Monday, April 6. DEES director Curt Keyser appeared before the education committee accompanied by a Margate police officer and fired him. The singer and actress has lived in the city for more than 20 years, most recently as a resident of South Florida. Major League Baseball pitcher David Price, son of Hall of Famer Jim Price and grandson of former Pirates pitcher Bill Price, will make his Major League Baseball debut Tuesday, May 1, and kick off the series against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The generational friends meet monthly, usually on the first Saturday, and have achieved their goals by hosting a variety of events over the years in Margate and other parts of Broward County. Recent activities have included a "girls" group "collecting gifts for babies and a group of other people who supervise the nursery for graduation. MICAH connects churches and schools to provide children with food, learning materials and tutors. The nonprofit cooperative collects food from grocery stores and restaurants and distributes it to 16 feeding programs in Browards County, including Cokesbury.

In the New Year, this spectacular event will feature live music, food trucks, live entertainment and fireworks. The Waterway Cleanup, which follows the annual Margate Waterfront Festival on the first Saturday of the month, offers a variety of activities for children and adults, as well as food and beverage vendors.

The park has a pond where perch can be caught, but a Florida State freshwater fishing license is required. Boaters are welcome, and volunteers must be under 14 years of age to be on site with 18 adults. Check the seating chart on the website to see the best way to accommodate the number of guests you have at the event.

Beer and wine will be served throughout the weekend and we will have children of all ages in line. Cokesbury Methodist Church is hosting a food drive, so bring any canned or dry goods you need to make sure no one in the community is starving. The Christmas Shoe Box is a service that collects shoes for children that serve as part of their Parkway service. We collect items every year and deliver them to the needy in our region. In December we organize a boxing party and have boxing for children, adults, families, seniors, children and adults.

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